The Institute for Neuroscience and Health

The Institute for Neuroscience and health is a psychological health center that focuses their activity on the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of behavioral and psychological illnesses. Our team is composed by health professionals (psychologists and psychiatrists) that, though with a different scientific background, have in common the study, the research and the therapeutic understanding of the mental processes involved in different types of behavior and their biological base. The Institute for Neuroscience and Health work from a multidisciplinary perspective, coordinating the different therapeutical directions, with the objective to give the patient a complete solution to their problem

All members of our team are related to the field of clinical investigation, teaching and scientific disclosure. They cooperate in different projects of research funded by the regional government of Andalucía and the ministry of education and science. The psychologist in our team a have long career with international background. This circumstance makes them specially sensitized with the cultural differences, and this makes them able to perform psychological interventions in English and French.